Oh and a little something for tomorrow…

Just before the launch… a little image from me. These stamps just look amazing!

Love, Nandia




It’s snowing…

…not outside (luckily). It’s only inside that it’s snowing.

I know I might be a bit late uploading my Snowman samples but I just had to. He is just too lovely. We are in the middle of summer – it was summer solstice the other day –  but Snowman had me humming christmas songs! So here’s my small selection of Snowman cards.

Happy crafting!

Love, Nandia

The Big Lunch

Not so much a crafting post today. I know, after all this time not updating my blog I come back with this. But I wanted to share this as it was a really lovely day.

If you didn’t know yesterday (Sunday 5th June 2011) was the Big Lunch day. It’s a day for neighbours to get together sharing lunch and talking. It’s a day for neighbours to learn about eachother. Where I work we decided to have our Big Lunch today. So we invited all staff to bring food to share and meet in one of the meeting rooms.

Also, to make the day a little more important we decided that we should think of the people that might not be having lunch today because they have nothing to eat. So we invited everyone to bring donations for our local Foodbank. You might not be aware of this but there is a national network of foodbanks which give out nutritionally balanced emergency food to people in crisis who have nowhere else to turn. Foodbanks also offer additional support to help break the cycle of poverty, putting people in touch with relevant agencies who can offer further support. Three volunteers came to join us for lunch and collect the donations. And as you can see, we had a good amount of donations!

Donations table

We also had lots of food. We set it up one the tables and everyone could help themselves. It was a great

 opportunity to relax and talk with people while enjoying a lovely lunch. We had lots of healthier options like salad but lots of other goodies too. I made a greek salad, olive bread, tzatziki and a chocolate log-

style cake that we greeks call “mosaic”. The salad and bread were gone soooo quickly and the tzatziki and chocolate log folowed. I had so much food… cous-cous, pasta salad, bean salad, bread, potato salad…. I feel read to explode! But it was a lovely day. You can see the buffet here, this is the “before” shot. There was no “after” shot as there was nothing left!


I promise I’ll be back soon with more crafting news. I have so much to put here. But just for today I thought I’d put something different here. Besides in a sense, cooking is crafting too!

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