Baby Humphrey… Not long untill launch now!

Good morning all!

Looking out my window it doesn’t look like such a great day (at the moment) but I imagine you won’t be looking out the window for long as the new S.W.A.L.K. and Humphrey stamps are out today!

Just thought I’d quickly give you a little peek of the “New Baby” stamp from Humphrey’s Corner range by Crafter’s Companion.

I decided to dress him in blue for a baby boy but you could decide to go for pink or turquoise, yellows or anything you can imagine! That is the fun in playing with stamps and using the Spectrum Noir pens! Look out for the shows on Create & Craft this weekend where Leann will be bringing the Speccies on Saturday 30th July 10am, 2pm, 6pm and Sunday 31st July11am and 3pm. I am really looking forward to that to get more tips!

For this little guy I have used the 3 lightest greys (CG0.5, CG1 and CG3) from the Cool Greys set as he is a baby and I wanted to make him look all bright and new. For his blue towel I used the 3 lightest blues (144, 185, 183) from the Blues set. I used CG1 around the whole stamped image to give him a little bit of shadow and added a touch of glitter on the folds with the Sakura Quickie Glue pen. The little image of the two stuffed animals along with the sentiment comes with the stamp so you don’t need to look for any matching elements! With a light blue Sakura gel pen I added some faux stitching on the backing paper – both backing papers are from Humphrey’s Corner CD-Rom. The punch is by Martha Steward (not sure about the name…) – it comes with corner punches as well but I didn’t use them this time.

Let me know what you think – I always love reading comments!

Love, Nandia

P.S. It’s Friday!!!!!! 😀


Just a little bit of Humphrey – A little sneak peek before bed time…

The new Humphrey stamps will be out in less than 12 hours but I thought just before I go to bed I will give you another little sneak peek.

This time it is Humphrey (as promised). I really think this stamp makes such a lovely wedding card.The stamp is called “Special day”.

I went with a black suit for Mr. and only some touches of grey and pinks and blues on the flowers of Mrs. The papers are from Humphrey’s Corner CD-Rom – I picked some light colours so it doesn’t draw the attention from the main image.

All colouring was done with my lovely Spectrum Noir pens. Make sure you tune in on Create & Craft on Saturday and Sunday to see Leann and of course the pens!

Must go to bed now – one more sleep to go until the launch!

Love, Nandia

Another sneak peek… SWALK Pants! stamp

How many times have you said “Pants! I forgot!”…?

Well now you have a stamp to go with that!

Here’s another sneak peek of the new stamps from the really popular S.W.A.L.K. range by Crafter’s Companion. 

Oh Pants

I used my lovely Spectrum Noir pens to colour the image, added some swirls and paper flowers and all done! These images don’t really need anything more than that, they look too lovely on their own so they don’t need much embelishing… but you could always add more!

Make sure you don’t miss the launch of the new stamps on Friday but also the shows on Saturday with the amazing Spectrum Noir pens – you will regret it if you do!

That’s all for now – I might be back later with some sneak peeks with the new Humphrey stamps just to tease you a bit more. Not long to go though, just one more sleep!

Love, Nandia


Sneak Peek No2 – SWALK Deserve a Treat stamp

Good morning again,

I hope you are enjoying the blog hop. I had a look myself and WOW! are there some amazing cards there! I always look for inspiration on other blogs so there are deffinately some ideas there that I will be working on in the near future.

I see from the I’m a Crafter’s Companion facebook group that everyone is enjoying using the new Spectrum Noir pens. I am so happy to see that people love them as much as I do! If you have no idea what I am talking about the quickly run to the Crafter’s Companion page to see what it’s all about and get your own.

For today I have another sneak peek of one of the new S.W.A.L.K stamps that are launching on Friday 29th July. This one is called “Deserve a treat” and really… dont’ we all?! It was coloured with my Spectrum Noir (I can’t put them down!)

SWALK Deserve a treat

I am so jealous of her leaning back all relaxed with a good book and lovely chocolates. I need to try it myself some time. But… I am too addicted to crafting to actually sit down for 10 minutes! But I can treat myself to crafty goodies so that’s fine!

Let me know what you think or what you would do differently if you were colouring the image/making the card. I love hearing suggestions and new ideas.

Have fun!

Love, Nandia

Crafter’s Companion Blog Hop

Here we are with a little sneak peek of the new stamps and hop no.1 of the Crafter’s Companion Blog Hop to celebrate the release of the new SWALK and Humphrey stamps.
If you have landed here from the Crafter’s Companion News Views and Inspiration Blog then you are hopping in the right direction! If not then pop over to the Crafter’s Companion News blog to read what it’s all about.
My lovely friends at the Design Team have created some sneak peeks for you with the stunning new collection of SWALK and Humphrey stamps that are launching on Friday 29th July and Crafter’s Companion decided to give you a chance of winning a fabulous Prize:

All six new SWALK stamps and all six new Humphrey stamps, plus a pack of Neenah card!!!!

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning this great prize is visit each of the design team’s blogs in order and then go back to the Crafter’s Companion News Views and Inspiration Blog to leave your link on Mr Linky. Along the way you will notice that each Blog will give you a letter – make a note of these as they will make a word which we will ask you for if your number is drawn by Random.Org on the morning of Friday 29th.

My letter is: H

From here, you need to hop to my friend Jacqui’s blog


Have fun playing and hope you get lots of inspiration on the way!

Good luck!!

Love, Nandia

Spectrum Noir and Christmas Adorables

Here I am again early in the morning.

I’ve been playing with my Speccies at the weekend and here is one of the cards I made.

It’s the Waiting stamp from the Christmas Adorables range. I wanted to colour this stamp since I always found colouring her dress quite challenging. It has a large area that is blank and I always found it difficult to colour as you need to get the folds of her dress right. But it was so easy with the speccies. I picked the 3 shades of pink that I wanted for her dress (in this case it was 147, 137 and 196) and I started with the darker one adding shadows. The blended the other two, one after the other adding more depth to the folds of her dress and… tada! I love how her dress looks! I could never do that before with alcohol pens, I always used watercolour pencils. But now it was soooo easy!

I will be back with some more of the cards I made during my first weekend with the Speccies. I had so much fun playing with them I didn’t want to put them down.

Bye for now!

Love, Nandia

My precious!!!!

If you haven’t already seen the new Spectrum Noir pens then were have you been for the last couple of days?! Run quickly to the Crafter’s Companion page and have a look.

They are simply amazing! I am mainly a fan of watercolours… or had been as I should say until I tried these. Their greatest advantage for me is that they come in 12 colour-themed packs of 6 pens, 3 warm and 3 cool tones in each pack. This means that I don’t need to look anymore for the right tone when I am doing shading. I just pick the 3 colours that I want to use from the set and I get the perfect shading! It is that easy! You can also the packs of 24 pens (choose any of the 4 sets – darks, lights, pastels or brights or simply get them all!) if you want to add more colours to your collection. There are no dublicates between the packs of 6 and packs of 24 pens because the Spectrum Noirs come in 168 colours!

They have a small bullet nib that is perfect for tiny details and a bigger chisel nib. They are very affordable (make sure you check the offers on the Crafter’s Companion site) and they are refillable so you are saving money and doing your bit for the environment.

Another great detail is that the pen number and colour is on the lid so when you store them flat you will be able to see the colour and number straight away. I recommend storing your pens flat so the ink is evenly distributed between the two nibs. I used a plastic box that I had to store mine as you can see below.

In the Crafter’s Companion website you will also find colouring guides for different stamp ranges and also a very useful colouring chart where you can keep track of all the colours you have and how they look on paper so you will always be able to find the perfect colour.




Have fun playing with them!

Love, Nandia


Woohoo! I just got my ranking from Crafty Blogs and I am at 806 out of over 1000 blogs!

Yes, I know… it’s not a great rank but it is good enough for me and I like it. I thought I’d be waaaaay lower than that. It’s nice to know that at least someone is paying attention.  

So to celebrate this and because I really love this song here’s a little video – the song is called Stand up and it’s by Jessie J. It’s such a positive song and such a lovely tune. Plus it’s Friday and the weekend is almost here! So sing along!

Almost there! Another Popcorn Pals card

It’s Friday! You know what that means?! T.G.I.F!!!!!!!!!! Also Popcorn Pals are here!

I just wanted to share with you  my swing shaker card. Soon you’l be making your own. It’s such a cute image and I love the “Birthday hugs” sentiment.

Yes, it’s made with the printed page I showed you yesterday. I told you I’d make a shaker card with it. This is a swing shaker card. Hope you like it.

Love, Nandia

A little image

I haven’t been feeling well tonight and couldn’t really work on a card the way I’d want to. But I wanted to give you another image from the new Popcorn Pals double cd so I chose this peek-a-boo card. It’s such a sweet image. I look at it and I am thinking shaker cards! I will make one soon, I promise!

Have fun and keep crafting!

Love, Nandia

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