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Hello all!

No card today but a little nostalgia…

I wrote a little piece for the Crafter’s Companion News, Views and Inspiration blog  which you can read by clicking the link. It’s a little bit about how I got invited to the Design Team and how exciting it is to belong to the Crafter’s Companion family. And it is really a family because that is how everyone makes you feel. And not just now that I am in the Design Team but way before that.

Before my first meeting with Sara, Leann and Meg I felt a bit intimidated/worried to meet people that I kept seeing on tv and frankly (because I had met some other “crafting celebrities” before in workshops) I kept thinking that they’d be very cold with a “lets get this over with” attitude. Boy I was wrong!!! Those two days Sara, Leann and Meg made me feel like I was meeting old friends and doing crafting with them. Sara even prepared my coffee because I was so busy crafting! And hearing the story about how Crafter’s Companion started, by Sara,  sitting in the meeting room at Crafter’s Companion HQ is an amazing memory to have! 

And it’s not just Sara, Leann and Meg. I wish all of you would be able to meet everyone that is working for Crafter’s Companion and feel what I am talking about. Everyone I’ve ever met, from the people pressing the stamps or packing the shipments to the ones working at Customer Service, have been so friendly, welcoming, helpful and simply amazing! And I haven’t even mentioned Sara’s mum and dad who are such a lovely couple!

I am so glad I decided to create a card for the 5th birthday! Even though at the time I kept putting it off and I wasn’t sure my card would be good enough I am glad I did it. It took me two nights to finish the card and all the time I kept thinking how lovely it would be to win it – Dare to dream I guess!

If you want to see my card the post is in this blog, going back to October 2010 and you can find it here…

This turned out to be a long post… I only wanted to give you a link of my Crafter’s Companion 5th birthday card and look at how much I wrote… hope I didn’t bore you too much!

Thank you for reading and Craft On!



Toreads Book Stationery Box

Good evening all

I know I’ve been away for quite a while and I apologise for that. I was in Greece getting married and then I was on my honeymoon.

Now I am back and one of the first emails I had was from Leann asking me to make a sample for the Toreads release similar to the one I made for Moreheads. Well how could I resist?! I loved the shaped cards and I wanted them ALL in one place and that is why I made the original sample. But from this CD-ROM I also ADORED the concertina cards (anything with shape and movement – that is me!) So I’ve created the sample below that aparently everyone loved and I had requests to make a tutorial

I promised I’ve make one so here it is! I took a lot of pictures, I hope that makes it a bit easier. It is not a difficult project but it needs some time. I believe that once you make one you can easily make more quickly.

The tutorial is in a .pdf format so you can save it, print it and make it again and again.  To get the instructions click here  Stationery box tutorial

I would LOVE to see what you created using the tutorial. If you have any problems just leave me a note and I will get back to you.

And if you have time and you want to leave me a little note I would be extremely happy to read it and see what you think.

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