Hello all,

I am sorry it’s been so long since I posted but it has been an extremely busy week. Between my fiance’s cousin’s wedding on Monday (I really need to post an image of the card I made them, I am so proud of it) and work I’ve been trying to pack for vacations.

I am leaving for Greece tomorrow morning! My vacations are finally here! There were times that I thought that 12th August would never come… but it’s here! I can’t wait to see my family again and of course relax by the sea. I really need it!

It’s been such a busy year at work and joining the the Crafter’s Companion Design Team(I’m still sooooo excited about it!) and doing demonstrations for them. But I cannot complain – how could I possibly complain?! I met so many lovely people as part of the DT that I wouldn’t have otherwise and made many new friends. I got to demonstrate the eCraft for Crafter’s Companion at Doncaster’s Summer Crafting – that was an amazing experience! I got to design cards and get exclusing info and peeks into Crafter’s Companion future projects. And earlier this year I had my two days of being spoiled by Sara and Leann as part of winning the Crafter’s Companion 5th Birthday Competition (which led to me becoming a member of the DT). Truly an incredible year!

So although I am not really looking forward to my vacations being over (I want them to last as much as possible!) I am really excited about what comes next – what will the rest of the year bring.

But for now I am just going to concentrate on vacations and relaxing! I might take my Paint Fusion bits with me to paint by the sea – wouldn’t that be lovely?! I will leave you with a few photos of where I am going – N.Marmaras in Halkidiki, Greece . I really wish that one day you visit this place. I love it! Maybe I am biased since I used to go there every summer since I was born but it is really a beautiful place.

So here are some photos and I hope you enjoy what is left of summer, I know I will!!!

Love, Nandia


New blog, first post…

Here I am… my new blog. It will be dedicated to crafting, which has taken over a big part of my free time and a big part of the house. It was taking over the living room until all my crafting material were moved to Nya’s room. Nya is my beautiful (and she knows it) black cat who is now having to share her room with mommy when she is crafting. So to thank her for sharing her room I decided to name my blog “Nya’s Room”

I will try to update this blog regularly but I am hardly a “good blogger”. I hope to be adding my craft creations here to share them with everyone and hopefully give inspiration to people as so many people, unknowingly, have given inspiration to me through their blogs.
So this is my chance to give something back.

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