My precious!!!!

If you haven’t already seen the new Spectrum Noir pens then were have you been for the last couple of days?! Run quickly to the Crafter’s Companion page and have a look.

They are simply amazing! I am mainly a fan of watercolours… or had been as I should say until I tried these. Their greatest advantage for me is that they come in 12 colour-themed packs of 6 pens, 3 warm and 3 cool tones in each pack. This means that I don’t need to look anymore for the right tone when I am doing shading. I just pick the 3 colours that I want to use from the set and I get the perfect shading! It is that easy! You can also the packs of 24 pens (choose any of the 4 sets – darks, lights, pastels or brights or simply get them all!) if you want to add more colours to your collection. There are no dublicates between the packs of 6 and packs of 24 pens because the Spectrum Noirs come in 168 colours!

They have a small bullet nib that is perfect for tiny details and a bigger chisel nib. They are very affordable (make sure you check the offers on the Crafter’s Companion site) and they are refillable so you are saving money and doing your bit for the environment.

Another great detail is that the pen number and colour is on the lid so when you store them flat you will be able to see the colour and number straight away. I recommend storing your pens flat so the ink is evenly distributed between the two nibs. I used a plastic box that I had to store mine as you can see below.

In the Crafter’s Companion website you will also find colouring guides for different stamp ranges and also a very useful colouring chart where you can keep track of all the colours you have and how they look on paper so you will always be able to find the perfect colour.




Have fun playing with them!

Love, Nandia


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